quit your lifeyou only get one
Ever felt like there had to more to the life you're living? Me too. Maybe it's time for a change. It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it. How about you? Ready to QUIT YOUR LIFE?

I’m writing this from my phone while sitting on the front porch of a cute little cabina in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. In a few months, my amazing wife Wen and I will be celebrating our anniversary. I will have been happily married for 25 years… She for about 23. I could elaborate but will have to wait for another post. We’ve been talking about coming back for a couple of months ( we also spent our 15th here… We love this country!) and two weeks ago decided to go ahead and book the trip. With my recent trip to Ethiopia (again, another post) and hers to Iceland (which you can read about on her new blog behappywen) a lot of our friends are saying “I wish I could travel like Sean and Wen.” Guess what? You can. Oh sure, you’ve got to be willing to ride the un-air conditioned  public bus which stops for every bus stop and person waving it down from the side of the road… But it only cost $3. We also packed everything for a nine day trip in one carry on sized backpack, which we had to pay extra for, since we flew Spirit Airlines… Never mind the reviews, we made it just fine. Now to be fair, we’ve been here enough times to know that you pretty much only need a couple of tank tops and some board shorts, unless you plan to go to a fancy place, in which case you’ll need to bring your nice pair of flip flops. Oh yeah, did I mention that it’s mid 80′s at night and we don’t have air conditioning here either? We have had an amazing 25 mile an hour wind the entire time though, so that’s been a blessing. Still wanna travel like we do? We’re having a great time!

The surf town of Tamarindo is very much like Tybee, although it’s a lot more touristy. It’s one of the two areas we’ll visit on this quick trip; neither of which we’ve been to before. The second is in the mountains north if San José, the capital city. We’ve chosen these areas with hopes to connect with two couples who did very much the same thing as us, they just wound up in Costa Rica, which was one of the places we considered. You can check out their blogs at happier than a billionaire and Costa Rica chica.

We’re having a great time doing nothing. We have decided to book a surf lesson at 6am tomorrow, because I’ll never hear the end of it back home if I don’t surf while I’m here. I’ve pretty much just sat around with my bride. She sat in the hammock working on her blog. We sat on the beach and drank some beer. We sat on some stools and ate some food. We sat in a hammock and watched the sun set. We sat on the porch again and the guy in the cabina next to us named Jack, a retired clinical psychologist from Milwaukee who is spending six weeks here… this time… stopped by and shared some of his chocolate with us. He said it goes well with wine, but I said it would go just fine with the Cuban cigar I bought from the guy on the beach for $4. I’m pretty sure it’s a fake, but I’m not that picky.

We’ve talked often of spending extended periods of time here and this trip has helped to galvanize that thought. I’ve been very happy with how much I’ve been able to communicate in Spanish this time. The girls already do school on line, so as long as they’ve got internet connection, they’re good to go. We’ve booked a wedding and a family portrait session and I did an interview with a local enrtertainment magazine back home about my new band In For A Penny, all from the shade of our little cabina porch, between laying in the sun and searching out the best happy hour deals. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I think Jack would agree with me that this is the way life is supposed to be lived. Hopefully in the morning on our way to the beach for dawn patrol, we’ll see one of the howler monkeys we heard his morning… And try to avoid him flinging poo at us. 

Until the next post… Pura Vida!


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